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Ge din färg glittrande effekter med pearls / flakes./ guld ..

Voodoo Dust Voodoo Dust

Voodoo dust "Regnbågspearl"

is a knock-out prismatic effects pigment that produces a dazzling light display based on angle of light and intensity. The sparkling rainbow effect is sure to wow most anyone from textile artists to replace canned glitter sprays to auto-graphics artists.

After inter-coating, water sanding will smooth the particle for a velvety finish and a quality clear coat on hard surface applications is just what the Voodoo doctor ordered. Heat-set on textiles at 350 degrees (F) for no more than 20 seconds. This particle is often seen in extrusion moldings such as fishing lures and funny car bodies and racing boats.

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400 Pearl base 400 Pearl base

Micro Pearl

Transparent bas med micropearls som skapar en metallic effekt. Blandas i färgen eller läggs ovanpå.  60 ml

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401 Flake base 401 Flake base

Macro Flake

Transparent bas som skapar en Flake effekt.

Blandas i färgen eller läggs ovanpå.

Använd 0.3 -0,5 munstycke

60 ml

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24 K Gold 24 K Gold

24 K Gold

Realistisk Metallic guld bas tillsätts i färg/ på färg eller som fristående guldeffekt. 60 ml


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Tillsatser / Modifierare

Skapa rätt egenskaper på rätt underlag !

AG 2050

En transparent modifierare som gör Private Stock och EFX mer tålig och vattenbeständig.  Blandas i tex Private Stock 50%, 30%eller  20%.
Kan läggas över färgen som mellanskikt.
Fungerar även till textilmålning.
Lufttorka ordentligt och värm ca 30 sek med värmepistol. Låt ytan svalna så färgen sätter sig.

Kan också användas i andra vattenbaserade/waterbournesystem

Används vid fördel vid motivlackering där du bla behöver maskera ytan med lätthäftande material. Tänk på att din grundering spelar lika stor roll. Slipa noggrannt med 600 och se till att ytan inte är fet eller skitig.
Storlekar : 60 ml, 120 ml och 240 ml

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Extend-Air Extend-Air



Transparent Privat Stock.


Förtunnar du din PS med Extend Air skapar du en lätt laserande candy/transparent effekt. Du kan också tillsätta ytterligare destillerat vatten om du kör med detaljsprutor och vill ha mer kontroll. Du kan också ändra egenskaperna till mer bindande i EFX genom att tillsätta detta färglösa medium.

Extend-Air is the base for Private Stock with additional acrylic and has a light creamy consistency. This is to allow for user dilution with bottled water of Pol'E TAC for those who wish to use low PSI or thinner artist color. A simple 50/50 mixture with Reduce-Air is a modification you might choose when working on hard surfaces where reduced tack is desired and a smooth velvety finish.

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Pol E´tac Top Binder Pol E´tac Top Binder


Textilmedium som fungerar utmärkt kläder genom att den mättar fibern, värm sedan och pressa ner fibrerna noggrannt med strykjärn och mellan smörpapper . Torr agerar den som ett blockerande medel fina fiberinnehåll av textilier  och partiklar inte kan tränga förbi , speciellt där höga PSI används. Pol'E TAC är ett bra sätt att stoppa upp dessa porer så att din färg sticker ut i mängden hela tiden. 2oz

Private Stock Top Binder 'Pol' E TAC'is a thin viscosity fluid product that is milky and dries clear. This is used to reduce viscosity where needed for Private Stock as well as can be used to increase elastomeric action within the Edwards FX Series and increase tack if needed based on your technique, surface and end result desired.

Pol'E TAC works great on dark garments by saturating the fiber, then heat pressing once dry acting as a blocking agent so fine particles cannot penetrate past the fiber content of textiles, especially where high PSI are used. This also aids in providing very clean and definitive details where clean concise work is a must. Pol'E TAC is a great way to stop up those pores so your color stands out in the crowd at all times.


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Waterbased universal artist color. HPP pigment in a base built for clean,tarnsparent finishes. Use quality urethane for exterior protection and permanence on hard surfaces. For canvas or board use appropriate fixative for choice of sheen. Use Pol etac under and over colorants on textiles, heatset at 350degrees for 20 sec

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GXFX-626 Condition Air 125 ml GXFX-626 Condition Air 125 ml


Används tillsammans med vatten som en smörjande mjuk rengöring  (lubricant)

Används i färgen vid dåliga lokalförhållanden kyla/värme för att reducera drytip och ge färgen dess normala egenskaper.

Condition-Air is a clear green liquid that contains emollients, humectants and specialized wetting agents. It is used to reduce drying time, helps adjust for colder climates or dry low humidity climatic conditions. Also helps reduce drag, fish-eye and achieves very fine line detail on various surfaces where every stroke

and every line counts. Conditions of your surroundings may vary day to day, but Condition-Air allows the artist to adapt to those conditions accordingly.


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Jel É Thickener Jel É Thickener

Jel E Thickener

För att ge en tjockare färg vid tex pensellinjer  och pinstripe.

Används med Opaka eller semi-Opaka färger för ett helt täckande resultat.

1 oz

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...mer info om:

Private Stock AG (Autograph) Opti-Film 2050

is a Phyto-Technology 'Green' Performance enhancement additive for making in-situ adjustments to acrylic artist products, water-based and waterborne, without the use of noxious solvents or alcohols.

Heat Curing - Use ample heat to fully encompass areas where colorant are used on surfaces that can sustain nominal to high heat using a heat source. Remember the higher the heat the quicker the film hardness develops. No open time, ready to clear as soon as dry.

Ambient Cure - AG 'Autograph' Opti-Film begins to coalesce as water is removed by evaporation or forced hot air. Helps build compatibility between various substrate and compatibilize chemistry between various acrylics. No need is using over-the counter ad hoc remedies.

Clearing - Private Stock's AG Opti-Film 2050 is ready for clearing after applying to properly prepped and clean substrates. You may use enamel, lacquer or urethane solvent clears as soon as all water has been either mechanically forced off or by ambient drying. Your processes may differ, we suggest always doing a test sample prior to commercial use with any products.

Tough, durable and water resistent when fully dry/cured. AG dries water clear.

Minmally reduces viscosity when used with PS, EFX or TNT Series. No open time after application. Means you can come back and paint when you please, clear when you finish. Adjust viscosity with water instead of over-the-counter remedies that are potentially harmful when mixed with art products.

Made to enhance compatibility between solvent clear coats and water-based or waterborne color coats.

Is suitable for many acrylic water based or waterborne systems.

AG Opti-Film 2050 is a Performance Enhancement additive with a myriad of uses.

Reduces your need to inventory reducers as well as many extenders where hard surface water based and waterborne color products may be used. Great for soft surface use as well. Lowers heat demand for woven and non-woven products such as textiles.

Replaces many products with one investment; 1:1 - 2:1 and 3:1 reductions. 1-2-3 parts arcylic color to 1 Part AG 'Autograph' Opti-Film. A ratio of 1:1, 2:1 or 3:1 Color parts to Opti-Film. Example: 2 parts 'Color' to 1 part AG 'Autograph' Opti-Film . Can be measured in drops, ML's, Ounces or gallons. Simple solutions for art based chemistry.

This products conforms to ASTM D 4236 Non-Toxic standards. Wear a NIOSH approved mask for fume products and particulates masks for nuisance dusts where created. Work Smart!

This product does not contain petroleum based solvents such as ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, 2,2,4-trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol monoisobutyrate, APE's, 'Phenolic compounds', VOC/HAPS. This products does not emit formaldehyde off-gassing based on TOF Mass Spec analysis as determined by Professional labs and Research for identification of known acute or chronic toxins.